Lola Isabel
Lola Isabel
Branding Strategist and Visual Storyteller


your story is everything.


Lola Isabel: Branding Strategist + Visual Storyteller

Everybody has a story. The way we tell stories moves us, impacting the way we keep entire civilizations, events, social movements and philosophies alive in our collective memory as we observe and interact with the rest of the world on a day-to-day basis. While our society is quickly advancing in the ways we communicate with one another, one truth remains the same: stories evoke emotion and interconnection. The human need to share experience while feeling understood by and connected to like-minded individuals has always been at the core of our existence, and it is more important now than ever as we navigate this new realm of information overload. 


So why is story so important to a business or brand? Because people are not buying what you do or what you make—they are buying how you make them feel. When you make people feel a sincere connection to your brand, you are helping them to understand your brand and, more importantly, you are gaining their trust. It is the passion and the cause at the core of your company that builds a foundation for long-term advocacy and loyalty, all which can be achieved through personal, meaningful and relevant content that tells your story.


This is where I can help. Whether you are a small business, corporation, organization or individual, we can work together to explore your brand’s purpose and vision and find your brand's emotional selling points. Together we can create the kind of content that will articulate your value, attract and retain customers, and make your story unforgettable.

let's work together TO CREATE:

  • Story-driven brand strategy
  • Video Stories 
  • Editorial photography
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Lookbooks
  • Product names and taglines

— Lola Isabel


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